How to Use Your Vocal Jingle Package

Each Vocal Jingle Package includes pre-timed tracks in the standard broadcast spot lengths of 60, 30, 15 and 10 seconds. Each broadcast length also contains variations on the amount of vocals from "full-sing" to "instrumentals". This gives your the most flexibility in matching your voice-over message with the right amount of singing (see complete tracks lists). For example, with a shorter message you can use the "full-sing" version to maximize the vocal impact. If your message is a bit longer, you want the vocals to sing only at the end or just at the beginning. Just select the track that works best for the situation.


A Working Procedure:

  1. Select a track that matches the length of your "spot". For a 30 second spot, use the 30 second tracks, for a 60, use a 60, etc.
  2. Next, choose the track with the right amount of vocals that works best with your advertising voice-over. If your message does not fit comfortably within the "full-sing" version, try the "Donut" (singing at the beginning and the end), or just vocals up front, or vocals only at the end.
  3. Record the voice-over between the singing. Your voice-over talent will have experience in doing this type of voice-over recording.
  4. Next, have the producer mix the music and voice-over together by ducking (lowering the volume) of the music track under the voice-over, and bringing the music track back up in the mix when the singing comes in.
  5. Listen to the "mix" to make sure it sounds natural.
  6. Deliver your finished "spot" to your local broadcasting stations.